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#15 The Promise

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The Promise

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#14 ADAM Beginnings and Revelations

ADAM Beginnings and Revelations





DESIREE has been trapped in an abusive and sadistic relationship for two and a half years. Her boyfriend thinks he is her Master and she’s his ‘Mandingo’ slave. On a nightly basis he chains and beats her…for his sexual pleasure.

She can’t escape, because he controls her every move. And even if she could escape where would she go? She chose him over her mother two and a half years ago before she knew he was a sadist. Plus, he has alienated her from the only friend she has ever had…Jodi Walker-Wesson.

Upon hearing that her mother is dying; she makes a run for it. With the help of an unexpected cabdriver, she makes her way to Indiana. There she finds refuse in “Georgia House”; a shelter for abused women and children. But, on a dark night while trying to get to her mother’s deathbed, he finds her. But, he’s not the only one…

DONNELL is a prolific Watcher, but from day one he has been a thorn in his superiors’ side. He is stubborn, surly and a brooder. But most of all he doesn’t being told what to do.
Over the last two decades Michael, the Archangel, has moved him from one territory to another for no apparent reason. But, this last transfer places him under the leadership of Seraphiel aka BROCK!!

He has never liked that arrogant bastard and doesn’t want anything to do with him. That is until the night he hears the screams of a woman that will change his life and his attitude…forever.
But is he too late? Has his stubbornness cost him the only woman he can ever love? Witness how the powerful prayers of a dying mother changed the heart of GOD.

THE PROMISE and FORBIDDEN LOVES is the backstory of several key players in the “SPIRIT” MATE LOVE STORY series.

Forbidden loves are revealed in the most unimagined hearts. This story will leave you with one question…What the ?”

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