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#2 Ramiel's Symphony

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 Ramiel's Symphony


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#1 BROCK's Redemption

BROCK's Redemption


RAMIEL is a powerful Watcher. He is second in command on Brock’s team of elite Nephilim. He has spent thousands of years fighting to protect God’s so loved humanity, from his fallen demon brethren.

Although promised a ‘spirit’ mate he wasn’t looking for her. He has been too busy enjoying the company of Miss Right Now.
A fierce warrior by night, a passionate lover by day…his life is complete. That is until he discovers his ‘spirit’ mate was the victim of an unspeakable brutal attack. Fueled by rage and riddled with guilt Ramiel is out of control. He is no longer on a mission to protect humanity. He has a new and deadly mission RETRIBUTION! Death to the humans who tortured his mate…the love of his life… And to those who stood by and watched her attack.

SYMPHONY is a beautiful young woman. Two years ago she was brutally raped, beaten and left for dead; by a sadistic neighborhood gang. Under constant surveillance of her attackers; she lives in constant fear. Her only companion is her nightly dreams of a fierce and powerful warrior.
But when she finds a stranger in her new home she realizes her dreams were visitation; preparing her for her mate, protector and the love of her life.

Can Symphony help Ramiel overcome his guilt?  Can Ramiel help Symphony overcome her fear? Theirs is passionate story of true love, redemption and self-forgiveness.
This is Book #2 of “Brock’s Redemption” A ‘Spirit’ Mate Series”

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#3 DENEL's Lilia

DENEL's Lilia


#4 CHAZIEL's Hope



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