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#10 Henry's Pia

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Henry's Pia

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They Are Watchers


HENRY is a tall dark chocolate smooth skinned black brotha. Everyone calls “PRETTY BOY”! He is so unnaturally attractive that to call him good looking or handsome would be an insult.  He considers his looks a curse. Not only does he look like the male version of his mother he inherited ‘blue eyes’ from a recessed gene of an unknown ‘white’ ancestor.

He is the salesman and part owner of his family’s construction company. He has a knack for selling most anything to anybody and the ability to back his product. The one thing he cannot sell is himself!

No woman has ever taken him serious because he’s too pretty to be anything but a ‘playa’. Women are more than willing to play with him...but not for keeps! He has watched his brother, sister and most of his cousins find their spouses or “Spirit” mates; yet he is still a lonely man.

He, and his family, have moved into the estate of his uncle, Brock; the most powerful Nephilim in the world. He, his brother and their cousins are going to build a community on Brock’s land. Even though he is alone he hasn’t given up hope. He has built a five bedroom house for him and his future family.

PIA father is an Ultimate Watcher and she is the niece of one of the Watchers on BROCK’s team. She is a beautiful none pretentious country girl. Excited to finally meet the uncle she never knew, she and her entire family come to BROCK’s estate for a Family Reunion.

When Pia sees HENRY she knows she’s who he’s been looking for. She declares that she is the happiness he’s been in pursuit of.
When Henry sees PIA, sparks fly! He knows at last he has found Mrs. Henry Walker. But, a relative of her uncle claims that she’s his bride. And vows nothing and no one will get in his way.
Will Henry’s battle with his rival spark a war in Pia’s family? Is the only solution to t

Henry and Pia both know that they may not be “SPIRIT” mates... But, their “SOULS” are mated for all eternity.


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