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#4 Chaziel's Hope

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Chaziel's Hope

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#3 DENEL's Lilia

DENEL's Lilia


CHAZIEL is one of Brock’s fiercest fighters. In truth, he is the most dangerous of them all. Not because he stronger, or more powerful. He is more dangerous, because he embraces the mission with unequalled passion. He is a killer by nature. He lives for the battle. He hates the Fallen because they remind him of the darkness that lurks inside of him.

He has never longed for or had a hope for his “Spirit” Mate, because he didn’t believe he had one. But after watching his brothers find their mates he knows he has one, too. In addition, he knows that she’s in imminent danger and only he can save her. And he has to find her…and fast!
But there’s one problem – he can’t tolerate the sun. For five thousand years he and his teammates have protected humanity under the clock of darkness. But, daylight is the most dangerous time for his mate. Two of his team mates are working on a project that will finally allow Watchers to become day-walkers; but will they be too late…

An old enemy of Chaziel’s has resurfaced and it all good; except they are not after Chaziel. Chaziel's enemies know the only way they can defeat him is to kill his “Spirit” Mate.
HOPE is beautiful, young and insecure. She has longed for her family to forgive her and someone to love. As a recovered crack-addict she doesn’t feel like the future holds much promise.

For Hope an innocent day in the park proves to be anything but. With bullets flying and people running for cover she finds safety in the arms an angel…her ‘Spirit’ mate!

Now, Chaziel is on new mission...VENGEANCE!
HOPE is Chaziel’s SALVATION. Theirs is a passionate story of healing.


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BEZALIEL's Destiny



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