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#6 Bezaliel's Destiny

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Bezaliel's Destiny


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Bezaliel, aka Ali, is a member of Brock’s elite team of NEPHILIM. In addition to being a fierce warrior; he is team’s analyst. He is cool, calm and collected. He is able to analyze and dissect any situation. His brothers are finding their mates coming and going; so his analytical mind knows his destiny is close.

He finds his “Spirit” Mate in the most unlikely place and her life is in danger, but not just from the ‘Fallen’. He rescues her just before her house is blown to pieces but the danger is far from over...

DESTINY is an American Indian whose devotion to her gay brother is admired by even the Angels in Heaven. She has known for over a year that she is a “Spirit” Mate to a WATCHER. She even knows his name. She just has to wait for him to find her…

Her parents are members of an ancient religious cult that has marked her and her brother for death. Unable to deal with the violence her parents want to inflect on her, her mind implodes and slips into the dark abyss.

Bezaliel rescues Destiny again! This time from the halls of her imploded mind, but the danger still isn’t over. Bezaliel has an analytical mind and believes the answers to her parents’ behavior are hidden somewhere in Destiny’s past. While on  his  journey  of  discovery,  Bezaliel  learns some mysteries are best left unsolved. But it is too late now because what he has learned is so devastating it almost destroys his mind.

Will he be able to eliminate the threat and keep his discovery a secret from her? Or does the fact that they are “Spirit” Mates remove the possibility of secrecy.

This compelling story has twists and turns that have you wondering…will this couple ever have any peace!


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