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#5 Batariel's Robyn

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Batariel's Robyn


#4 CHAZIEL's Hope



#3 DENEL's Lilia

DENEL's Lilia


Batariel is a fierce warrior; and member of Brock’s elite team of Watchers. He knows he has a
‘spirit’ mate and even though it’s been close to five thousand years; he hasn’t lost hope. Like his
brothers he just has to be in the right place…at the right time.

On a mission to help his brother rescue his “Spirit” Mate; Batariel spots his own mate. But, he’s a split second too late! Right before his eyes his women is riddled with stray bullets; meant for his brother’s mate. She dies in his arms. His leader brings her back to life, but the danger is not over. She has her own enemies…

After witnessing the son of a notorious mafia kingpin brutally murder his wife; Robyn attacks and subdues him. She is the only witness that can put this man away…if she lives long enough to go to trial. To keep her from testifying against his son the Mafia kingpin has put a hit out on her. He
wants her silenced and…dead again!

Batariel is enraged and not just with the Mafia. His rage is directed at family members and even
his leader, the Archangel…MICHAEL! How far will Batariel go to protect his mate? How many bodies
will he leave in wake of his REVENGEFUL path?

Robyn is as fierce a warrior as Batariel, but after seeing her die in his arms he’s afraid to touch
her. Can she convince him that she isn’t a breakable china doll? That she needs more from their relationship than his timid touch. Will they survive this test or will Batariel lose his ‘spirit’
mate after waiting all these years?

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