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#7 Arakiel's Faith

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 Arakiel's Faith


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#6 BEZALIEL's Destiny

BEZALIEL's Destiny



They Are Watchers


ARAKIEL is the strategist of Brock’s an elite team of “WATCHERS”. They operate under the cloak of darkness, to protect the very species they hide from…humanity. Their nightly battles with the “Fallen” Angels are the norm in their paranormal world.

Arakiel is a prolific strategist whose abilities are rivaled by neither Watcher nor Fallen. However, too much noise throws him into a state of confusion and agitation. He needs peace and quiet to Plan! Plan! Plan!

Like his team, he was also promised a “Spirit” Mate. And even after five thousand years he has never lost faith of found her.

But after dealing with his team’s ‘Spirit’ Mates, he’s not sure he wants to find her. He never knew women could be so noisy, bossy and unreasonable! If his “Spirit” Mate is anything like these women he’d rather die and let his inner demon deal with her AND her mouth!

FAITH’s family thought she was autistic because she was born without an “emotion chip”. There is no light in her eyes and she has no feelings for anyone…not even her family. They soon discovered that she is a genius born with the ability to utilize every part of her brain.

She is anal retentive and has a compulsive need for order. She plans her daily activities, and even her meals, seven days in advance. She is a renowned Architectural Design Artist but unnecessary noise throws her off kilter. She needs peace and quiet to Plan! Plan! Plan!

ARAKIEL’S teammates and FAITH’S family have figured out that they are ‘Spirit’ Mates. But mum’s the word! They think it’s hilarious that two of the most anally retentive people they know are mates.

When they finally meet, will they still need to Plan! Plan! Plan!? Will the shackles that have been guarding their emotions be unbroken? Or will they throw caution to wind and live life one moment at
a time?

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#10 HENRY's Pia

10 HENRY's Pia



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