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#14 Adam

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Brock's Redemption


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ADAM is the son of BROCK; the most powerful Ultimate Watcher. He is also the grandson of Kobabiel; the most intellectually superior Ultimate Watcher. He has been imbued with as much power and intellect, as his father and grandfather.

In addition, he is the first Nephilim, to ever be born a Watcher. And like all Watchers, he has a “spirit” mate. But, unlike most Watchers he also has the ability to see the future, and has always known who his “spirit” mate is…

On Adam’s first birthday, he exited his bedroom, not as a one year old toddler…but as a full grown, thirty year old, man. And like his father, he is a warrior, for the Archangel, Michael.
Unbeknown to his parents, who still sees him as a baby; his first plan of action…is to claim his mate.

Mordiree is the adopted daughter of Adam’s great uncle. She has known for months that she is Adam’s mate…and he is hers. And although some family members are freaked out over their union…she can’t wait for him to become a man. She has never seen him as a baby, but as her future 'spirit' mate.

Adam’s focus has solely been on his woman, and he has failed to glean what the future holds for them… Neither he nor his parents know ‘who’ he really is. Or ‘what’ his birth has done to the underworld.

With that much inherited power, Adam and his mate, Mordiree, are Lucifer’s worst nightmare. He has to stop the consummation of their union, at all cost. He pulls out all the stops and declares an all-out war on Adam. He dispatches a legion of his most powerful demons with one command... destroy the Vessel…Mordiree.

Will Lucifer’s plot work? Or will it cause uproar amongst the entire supernatural world.
This spiritual battle is the battle to beat all battles. But, will it be the end of the war between Watchers and Demons…or is a new beginning on the horizon? What additional revelations will be revealed?

Adam will leave you begging for more!

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